Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lacto Calamine Classic Skinsurance

I had bought Lacto Calamine long time ago but did not use it more than once. I had to throw it away. A month ago, I read somewhere that it works great for the skin. It lightens pigments and cools the skin.

I bought a 60 ml(Rs 54) bottle and started to use it from that very day. I am prone to sun burns and pigmentation.

I use it to after coming back from school. (I teach!!) And also just before going to bed. Now my skin is softer, smoother, and the pigmentation is slowly receding. My sunburns are soothed and marks fading too. In few more months all will be gone. But I will continue using it. It is now my HOLY GRAIL! I bought a 120 ml (Rs 86) bottle recently and also a 10 ml one. One to carry always with me! Yay, yay for blemish-less skin!!

Can be used as sunscreen in case of emergency. However, a sunblock is a MUST! Lacto Calamine is a MUST have product!! One can add a little moisturiser if need be. I am gonna stick with it forever!!

It is easily available and price is very very reasonable. A Aloe Vera variant is also available but I am using the classic one. 


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